Sight, sound and motion have long been the Holy Trinity of Madison Avenue’s sensory perception — and of TV’s and video’s dominance of advertising formats — but new research from Interpublic’s Magna and IPG Media Lab units touches on a fourth sense that may be an even more effective and engaging one: touch.

The research, which was based on tests of a series of “touch-enabled” video ads — ads that produced tactile haptic feedback enabling users to literally feel them — found that they generated a 50% lift in among consumers for the brands participating in the study.

The findings, which will be released in a report, “Ads You Can Feel: The New Mobile Experience,” were based on a study of haptic feedback enabled pre-roll Web video ads using technology developed by Immersion Corp. for a four brands — BMW, Royal Caribbean, Arby’s and Truvia — that were experienced by a panel of 1,137 Android users.