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Ahead of the Newfronts and Upfronts, MAGNA and the Center for Multicultural Science Introduce New Media Approach to help Drive TV ROI for Brands

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New York City – Published in the State of Video 2019 Report, MAGNA and the Center for Multicultural Science have introduced a new media approach for brands interested in targeting the growing U.S. Latino population. Dubbed as the Nativity-Based View, the new media methodology utilizes “nativity” (or place of birth) as a way to predict with greater accuracy what U.S. Latinos are watching on television.

The Nativity-Based View is an approach that examines what Latinos are watching based on whether they are foreign-born or U.S.-born. A recent analysis showed that six of the top 10 television networks among foreign-born Latinos were in Spanish, compared to 8 of the top 10 television networks among U.S.-born Latinos, which were in English.

“These findings are significant and offer a more nuanced view of how U.S. Latinos are watching television,” said Dr. Jake Beniflah, Executive Director of the Center for Multicultural Science. “While language has traditionally been the main indicator for targeting, we can go deeper to reach this important audience more effectively.” The Nativity-Based View allows marketers to understand the nuances of this changing demographic beyond language, helping them market their products more effectively.

Brian Hughes, Executive Vice President, Intelligence and Strategy at MAGNA, says, “The great thing about the Nativity-Based View is that it is based on readily available data, and we believe it can help advertisers drive better TV ROI.” A previous study published in the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy Issue 3.1 found that between 73-79% of Spanish-language television did not reach Latino Millennials. “In an increasingly fragmented video world, it’s critical that we get the most out of our television investment.”

What are driving these unexpected findings? The U.S. Latino population has changed significantly over the last 30-years, and Latinos today have more media options than in the past to stay connected, and consume content and advertising on a daily basis. New measures are needed to better align to the changing demographic landscape, and help brands drive media ROI. “While we need to continue to refine our approach to communicating with vital Latino audience, the Nativity-Based View is one simple measure that would allow us to improve targeting today,” says Brian Hughes.

The television analysis is just a part of the findings of the State of Video 2019 Report, which also includes a views of television and digital advertising spend by ethnicity and race.

About The Center for Multicultural Science

The Center for Multicultural Science, a leading U.S. non-profit 501c(3), non-partisan think tank dedicated to represent women, and ethnic and racial minorities in multicultural research and data science. The Center for Multicultural Science is the home of an industry-leading Research and Data Lab, and Data Science Accelerator, designed to educate, mentor, and place tomorrow’s underrepresented multicultural workforce in data science positions in corporate America. Contact info: Dr. Jake Beniflah,


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