Digital media buying is being revolutionized by programmatic buying technologies. Over the 41 countries analyzed by MAGNA GLOBAL in its new report, display and video inventory transacted through programmatic methods will reach $14.2 billion globally this year (+49% compared to 2014).

Growth will remain strong over the next four years, with an average annual growth rate of 31%, to reach $36.8bn by 2019. The main drivers behind this growth include the opportunity to reduce transaction costs on both the buying and selling side, the opportunity to monetize a broader spectrum of digital media impressions, and the opportunity to leverage consumer data at scale to improve the efficiency of ad campaigns.

Globally, programmatic spend as a share of banner display and video will grow to 31% of total display and video spend this year (2015), compared to 24% last year, and will increase to 50% by 2019. The US is leading the global adoption of programmatic with $7.7bn worth of transactions expected in 2015. The US represents 54% of the global programmatic market. Programmatic transactions will represent 43% of total display and video dollars already this year in the US, growing to 62% by 2019.

Real Time programmatic will represent 81% of total programmatic spend in 2015, with most transactions occurring on open exchanges or through invite-only exchanges with additional constraints but ultimately auction-based pricing.

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