Global Advertising Revenues to Grow by 5% in 2018
Decent US performance (+4.9%) but Mostly Due to the 2018 cyclical events

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 In its latest report on global advertising market trends, released December 4, 2017, MAGNA forecasts media owners’ net advertising revenues to grow by +5.2% to $535 billion in 2018.
 This will be an acceleration from 2017 (+4.1%) mostly due to the impact of cyclical drivers in 2018 (FIFA Football World Cup, Winter Olympics, US Mid-Term elections). Neutralizing the five billion dollars of incremental ad spend generated by those cyclical events, the 2018 growth would be +4.1%, compared to +5.1% in 2017.
 Digital and mobile advertising sales will grow by +13% in 2018 to reach $237 billion or 44% of global advertising revenues. They will comprise 50% of total advertising sales by 2020.
 In the US, advertising sales will grow by +5.0% in 2018 to reach $195 billion. Neutralizing the incremental ad sales generated by even-year events (+$3.7bn), 2018 growth will only be +3.2% compared to +3.9% in 2017 and +5.9% in 2016.

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