Equity UpfrontIPG Mediabrands unveiled an industry-first, week-long Equity Upfront™ experience to raise visibility of, and create opportunities for, Black-owned and targeted media partners. The 2021 inaugural experience took place the week of March 15, hosted over 20 Black-owned and Black-targeted media partners and welcomed nearly 900 attendees for this three-day experience, which highlighted the strategic significance of Black audiences and the importance of brands speaking to these audiences in new ways. The Equity Upfront™ was an important first step in creating more breakthrough opportunities and redressing a long-term gap in how our industry engages with media businesses that speak to Black audiences.

MAGNA is hosting this Equity and Equality Strategic Investment (EESI) initiative as a long-term program designed to increase sustained investment in, and inclusion for, underrepresented media partners. The Equity initiative will continue with monthly sessions to introduce and indoctrinate more media partners to Mediabrands’ clients. In the coming months, MAGNA’s Equity initiative will also expand to include other underrepresented media groups, including Asian, Latinx and LGBTQIA+ media properties.

Together, we can create actionable progress with BIPOC and Black media partnerships. Please look at our flipbook, which includes recap materials on participating Equity Upfront™ Black-owned and Black-targeted media partners, and a preliminary monthly Equity schedule.

For more information, please contact equitypartners@magnaglobal.com.

Download Equity Upfront PDF