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US TV Industry at a Crossroads

by VINCENT LETANG.  Published by RTL ADCONNECT on July 12, 2018. 2017 may go down as a tipping point: a year when several existing trends in media consumption and TV advertising market reach tipping point and suddenly accelerated.  The U.S. television industry is facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainty as the media ecosystem is going through …

Episode 19 – Ecommerce Trends Breakdown feat. MAGNA

Brian Hughes, SVP of Audience Intelligence and Strategy, joined the IPG Media Lab in their recording studio to discuss the most recent Media Economy Report for their podcast show, Floor9.  Over the course of 30 minutes, they covered Background on the 2018 Media Economy Report The demographics of the average eCommerce shopper Where consumers start …

Cannes Update with David Cohen and Dani Benowitz

June 19, 2018: David Cohen (President, NA) and Dani Benowitz (EVP, Strategic Investment) share an update from Cannes Lions.  For information on the festival so far, upcoming events, and recently published intelligence reports, view this short video.   Cannes Update with MAGNA Global from MAGNA on Vimeo.

Thought Leadership

Press Release: Magna Advertising Forecasts, Spring 2018 Update

Global Advertising Market to Grow by a Record +6.4% This Year Strongest Growth Since 2010. TV Resilient Thanks to Cyclical Drivers and Strong Pricing. Digital Advertising Reaches $100bn in the US Contact:,   Key Findings In its latest report on global advertising market trends, released June 18, 2018, MAGNA forecasts media owners’ net …