MAGNA will now have access to linear insights and digital audience forecasting through OpenAP to reduce waste and extend its client investments across publishers and platforms

IPG Mediabrands’ clients will receive actionable OpenID insights to unlock key planning metrics, like network unique reach, daypart indexes and total monthly avails across CTV footprints

NEW YORK, December 12, 2023 — OpenAP, the advanced advertising company bringing simplicity and scale to audience-based campaigns in television, and MAGNA, the investment and intelligence arm of IPG Mediabrands, today announced a new partnership that will enable MAGNA to seamlessly build and reach advanced audiences across data-driven video endpoints via a direct integration with Acxiom. MAGNA, which powers planning and investment across the IPG Mediabrands network, will now be able to target and distribute custom audiences using Acxiom data centrally through OpenAP across linear, digital, streaming and programmatic channels, then measure cross-publisher and cross-platform reach and frequency at the end of a campaign.

The partnership underscores MAGNA’s commitment to an audience-first future for video advertising. By activating audiences with Acxiom data on OpenID, TV’s common identifier that powers the resolution of linear and digital audiences across publishers, MAGNA will receive actionable audience viewership data and key planning metrics throughout the campaign lifecycle, giving IPG Mediabrands clients a deeper understanding of viewership and eliminating waste and overlap in cross-platform campaigns across multiple currency workflows. MAGNA will receive end-to-end campaign forecasting for both linear and digital channels from OpenAP, providing clients with new and incremental opportunities to distribute unexposed audiences to digital and CTV channels to extend the reach and ROI of their campaigns. MAGNA will also benefit from first mover advantage on the cross-publisher, cross-platform clean room solution, the OpenAP Data Hub, in early 2024.

The partnership comes at a critical time ahead of the 2025 Upfront, in which advertisers continue to be faced with fragmentation across identity, viewership and new currencies. By partnering with OpenAP for centralized audience onboarding, audience distribution and post-campaign reporting, IPG Mediabrands’ clients will have an unbiased view of planning insights and holistic campaign performance, regardless of viewership currencies.

“Identity is the common denominator powering the industry’s transition to a multi-publisher, multi-platform, multi-currency advertising model. At MAGNA, we are committed to an audience-first strategy to deliver the insights and precision our clients need to maximize their investments. This partnership with OpenAP simplifies a complex process and gives the actionable data our team’s need in the planning stage to maximize our clients’ investments,” said Dani Benowitz, Global President, at MAGNA.

“Buyers have more choices than ever before going into the next upfront cycle with multiple new currencies and data sources, all while managing the complexities of fragmentation of audiences across publisher endpoints. By leaning into a common identifier to unify campaigns across publishers, platforms and currencies, MAGNA is modeling the way for how to navigate an incredibly complex media buying landscape and future-proofing their investments as we migrate to privacy-centric clean room technology with Acxiom in the OpenAP Data Hub,” said Abbey Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer at OpenAP.


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About OpenAP

OpenAP is the advanced advertising company bringing simplicity and scale to audience-based campaigns in television. Powered by a standards-based approach to data activation, we enable advertisers to onboard audiences centrally for use in planning, campaign execution and measurement across the largest footprint of premium video advertising. OpenAP makes it possible for unified ID-based audiences to be used for targeting and measurement across any TV publisher in both linear and digital viewing environments, unlocking transformative insights when using the same audience consistently across all screens. Our technology is open and interoperable, delivering workflow automation and efficiencies on advanced audience campaigns for agencies, brands and publishers. For more information, visit and follow @OpenAPTV on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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