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In a finding bound to stir debate in the video advertising marketplace, IPG Mediabrands’ Magna unit today will release a study it says proves skippable video ads on mobile video apps such as TikTok are more effective and require only a quarter of the viewing time of forced-viewing ads running on the mobile apps of on-demand TV content.

In fact, the finding, which not-so-coincidentally comes from a Magna “media trial” sponsored by TikTok, makes the case that skippable ad environments like TikTok’s generate higher engagement, whereas “forced views” actually “hinder it.”

“We were able to prove that fully skippable, contextable adjacent ads allow for greater brand favorability and a more lasting impression,” TikTok Global Head of Marketing Science Jorge Ruiz asserted in a statement provided to MediaPost.

“Allowing users more control over their ad experiences – in this case, the ability to skip – doesn’t hurt performance. It in fact helps,” added Magna Executive Vice President of Intelligence Solutions Kara Manatt.

The Magna/TikTok market trial was fielded among 12,655 persons 18-54 in six countries (U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Germany and France). Dates were not disclosed.

The study is being formally released and presented at CES today.

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