MAGNA Media Trials and Uber research shows high ad receptiveness and engagement among rideshare passengers

NEW YORK, NY, June 12, 2024 – MAGNA Media Trials released a research study, “Inside a Rideshare: The Tablet Ads Opportunity,” in partnership with Uber today. The report explores the effectiveness of tablet ads and indicates that there is a significant opportunity for advertisers to create memorable and impactful experiences for rideshare passengers.  As the rideshare tablet market expands and is expected to grow to $1.3 billion (139%) by 2032, according to Market Research Future, advertisers can leverage this platform to connect with an engaged audience and make a lasting impression.

The study reveals that the rideshare environment is ideal for ad receptiveness. Most rideshare passengers are frequently in a positive mood, and regardless of a positive (94%) or neutral mood (88%), they are very or somewhat open to viewing ads during their journey.

“Our JourneyTV tablet format is extremely effective because they capture the attention of Uber’s highly engaged audiences at a time when they’re tuned-in and receptive,” said Dorothy Ann Advincula, Global Lead of Audience, Insights and Measurement at Uber advertising division. “This research confirms what we see in our own proprietary insights, that riders are ready to not only interact with ads during their rides, but can even find them to be value-add in their journey.”

Rideshare tablets deliver a win-win for both the rider and advertiser. Beyond ad receptivity, 66% of riders find the idea of ads entertaining during their ride, while 54% believe it would enhance their overall experience. The study reveals that a significant number of riders perceive ads as a value-add to their journey (69%).

Throughout the rideshare journey, the study proves that tablet ads cut through the noise of everyday life, such as checking trip details in the app (85%) and talking with others (82%).

Key Research Findings:

  • When riding solo, riders are most highly receptive to ads, with 84% showing openness. Even when co-riding, whether with someone they know (77%) or someone they don’t know (75%), there is a strong willingness to engage with ads.
  • Riders have a keen interest in entertainment (87%), food & drink (84%), travel (81%), and retail and shopping (80%) ads.
  • 74% of riders are interested in availing coupons during their Uber ride, and 49% would use a coupon relevant to their future needs.
  • 41% of riders pay the most attention to ads that are creative and visually clear.


“In this study, we gained a thorough understanding of rideshare passengers: their mood, motivation, perception, and what it takes to capture their attention during their rides,” said Kara Manatt, EVP of Intelligence Solutions at MAGNA. “As advertisers continue to explore the rideshare tablet market, this study is bound to serve as the foundation for their success.”

To read the full study by MAGNA Media Trials and Uber, please visit the MAGNA website and click the link here .



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