Research reveals that newsletters are a vital daily ritual for 75% of readers, providing a prime platform for advertisers

NEW YORK, NY, JUNE 10, 2024 – A new research study titled “The Scoop on Newsletter Advertising,” conducted by MAGNA Media Trials and Sherwood Media, delves into the effectiveness of newsletter advertising for reaching key audiences. In today’s fast-paced world attention spans are short. Standing out is crucial for brands, and this study presents a solution through newsletter advertising.

According to the study by MAGNA, the media investment and intelligence unit of IPG Mediabrands, and Sherwood Media, most decision-makers incorporate newsletters into their morning routines. The research showed that 76% of decision-makers felt ready to take on the day after reading their favorite newsletter, 78% felt empowered, and 71% consider newsletters to be the best source for top news.

Advertisers can make the most of these factors to effectively connect with their key audience through newsletters.

“Audience attention is scarce, and the value homepages used to provide to consumers and brands has been diminished by SEO games and AI,” stated James Denis, Global Head of Revenue, Sherwood Media. “We believe the inbox is the new homepage, operating in a curated, opt-in environment where an action-oriented, open-minded audience seeks to improve themselves on a daily basis.”

Highlights from the new research study include:   

    • Newsletters are a top news source for readers and are considered a vital daily ritual by 75% of readers.
    • 91% of readers feel informed after reading their favorite newsletters and experience feelings of being more grounded, motivated, inspired, and empowered.
    • Newsletters are a valuable media format for advertisers who want to reach business decision-makers through brand-sponsored content, because readers trust that type of content more when it appears in newsletters versus elsewhere.
    • Newsletters have a unique advantage in reaching not just any readers but also those who are focused, curious, and highly receptive to information. In fact, 88% of readers feel receptive to information, and 65% are open to brand-sponsored content, making newsletters a prime platform for advertising.

Advertisers can effectively reach their audience by making the most of newsletters. The study provides a clear plan and tools for digging into the untapped potential of newsletter advertising.

“This study emphasizes the longstanding popularity and integral role of newsletters in people’s daily routines,” shared Kara Manatt, EVP of Intelligence Solutions at MAGNA. “Because readers rely on newsletters to prepare them for the day, they are uniquely focused when reading and, most importantly, open to messages from brands.”

Denis added, “The relationship is built over time, founded on trust and consistency, with education as a core element in the value exchange that newsletters offer to subscribers. This unique environment creates an extremely valuable platform for brands to reach consumers who are not only looking to learn but also to take action.”

To learn more and read the full report, visit the MAGNA Media Trials website linked here.

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