By Aarti Bhaskaran and Prayushi Amin, Published on WARC 

Augmented Reality (AR) is much bigger than a buzzword. When it comes to brand building, it’s a must-have marketing tool every marketer should have in their arsenal. As more marketers look to adopt AR, they need to know how to use it, when to use it and, in an advertising context, how it performs against more traditional formats.

To help marketers understand how to use AR, Snap Inc. collaborated with the Media Trials team from MAGNA Global Inc. to execute new research on the true capabilities of AR ads (Lenses), as well as the power of AR ads in the consumer purchase journey.

The findings culminated in a comprehensive guide on how and why to use AR to grow your brand on Snapchat.

AR offers more than pre-roll

The research revealed that AR ads performed as well as pre-roll video ads in driving significant uplifts in key brand KPIs like awareness and ad recall and also resulted in positive lifts in purchase intent.

Additionally, consumers found AR ads to be significantly more informative and more useful than traditional pre-roll ads, and said AR ads made them feel closer to the brand and excited about the brand.

AR gets results at each phase of the purchase journey

AR ads capture the attention of broad audiences who are early in their purchase journey, with a +7% increase in Aided Ad Recall among this group of consumers. And AR can help brands nudge consumers who are in the consideration phase by making the brand seem more up-to-date and differentiated.

Meanwhile, for those who are ready to make the purchase, AR ads have a full-funnel impact, including driving critical KPIs like bringing the brand top-of-mind and increasing brand favorability. AR also has the potential to influence active searches for the brand, helping to seal the deal on final brand choice.

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