By Jack Myers, Published on MediaVillage

To gain an in-depth overview of the advertising and media economy for 2023, join me for this week’s Legends & Leadership conversation with Vincent Letang, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Global Market Intelligence, MAGNA. Vincent shares details from his updated U.S. advertising forecast across all major media categories. His macro-economic perspectives and detailed outlook are the industry standard, regularly used and quoted by Wall Street financial analysts.

Vincent oversees MAGNA’s market research, forecasting, strategy and advisory services. Among the regular publications of Vincent and his team are the Global Advertising Forecasts (a bi-annual report on advertising spending in 70+ countries, with five-year forecasts), the Media Economy Report, the quarterly U.S. Advertising Forecasts and the new Programmatic Report.

Vincent and I engage in a deep drill-down on the most significant influences driving the advertising economy, with particular focus on the automotive and commerce media categories. For all those interested in the state of the advertising and media economy, this week’s Legends & Leadership conversation with Vincent is essential viewing. Watch the video above.


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